I love to:

  • read books (mostly fiction, my attention span for nonfiction is better suited to articles. but Full Frontal Feminism was good.)
  • seek out good music (I like Party in the USA as much as the next person, but there’s a point when I need to hear an artist perform something that they actually wrote.)
  • write (not really creatively – either cheesily introspectively or pretentiously academically.)
  • watch films and television (I used to think Arrested Development was the only fabulous show on TV – but, needless to say, I was wrong.)
  • buy CHEAP/used clothing (a dress just doesn’t look as good if you can’t say “it was only $3!” when someone compliments it.)
  • take photographs (I have no pretensions of myself as a Photographer but using my lil’ point and shoot is quite the pastime!)
  • read blogs about feminism, music, books, women, news, photography, people, women who love women, opinions, and my sister, Ashley.

I am an English education major but the thought of being a teacher terrifies me, and I am partial to delusions that graduating with an education degree will somehow miraculously not lead me to a career in teaching.

Though my motivations are not wholly political, my distaste for discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation definitely informs my every opinion; nonetheless, I hope not to offend!

& yes, I am one of the terrifying creatures in the photo header above!


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